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CHTC Dive Program

Make a splash this summer at TCAT's first diving program! Dive into fun and learn the basics of springboard diving in a safe and supportive environment, aiming to foster confidence and community.  With experienced coaches eager to share their love of the sport, young divers will be introduced to the fundamentals of both technique and mental strength, while maintaining a focus on enjoyment and skill development.  Whether your child is an aspiring Olympian or just looking to try something new, our program promises a

summer of FLIP-tastic fun and learning.

Starting June 17th- Private Instruction Available


Book your private sessions with  coach Angela by emailing her first to confirm her availability (see below).

      - The only caveat is that the diving well will be open to the public during the sessions, but we will be able to dive during adult swim


- In order to register for these sessions you must either be a member or a registered non-member which you can do on the tennis club’s website


private lessons:

private- $55


2 people- $30

3 people- $25

4 people- $20

5+ people- $15

(amount per person)

Private Lessons

Private diving lessons will be offered all Summer.  Email Angela below for more info and to book your lessons.

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