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Junior ROG Development Program

Winter 2024

Times Vary based on age and skill level.  Winter session is indoors with different times than the rest of the year, which is outdoors.

For children ages 3 and up


Our newest junior tennis programs instill a love for the sport in our students. Our ROG Director, David Archer, has been teaching tennis for 44 years. He wrote and published the book 8 Weeks to A Lifetime of Tennis, in which he lays out his incredibly fun, organized, and systematic approach to help kids develop a passion for the game along with the skills necessary to become extremely accomplished players. The 8 Weeks to A Lifetime of Tennis system outlined in the book has trained coaches all over the U.S. how to work with 12 and under kids.



Monday thru Thursday 3:30 PM to 4:00 PM

Indoors during Winter and Outdoors the rest of the year

This is a perfect place to introduce your 3-, 4- and 5-year-olds to the lifetime sport of tennis.  

This class is a PARENT PARTICIPATION class. PARENT PARTICIPATION simply means that the adult in charge of the child must be within ear shot while the student is in the Sprouts class. Sometimes the “parent” is asked to come to the court and participate while the student watches. This usually solves any disruption problems and after a few minutes the “parent” can retreat to ear shot again. 

At 30 minutes this class is the perfect length to keep their attention and is filled with warm up exercises, skills challenges, racquet ball control practice and learning to be independent in their practice on the hitting wall.  This class will have your younger ones giggling with delight and begging for more as they hit cones off buckets, learn the alley to alley warm up stretches and work on passing our patented 30 ball Sprouts challenge test that, when accomplished, graduates them to the Sprouts H.P. class. 

Sprouts HP
(High Performance)

Monday thru Thursday 3:30 PM to 4:00 PM

Indoors during Winter and Outdoors the rest of the year

Hello and welcome to our 30 minute Sprouts tennis classes at CHTC.
At CHTC we love the fact that we have created a series of fun filled tennis classes that encourage all our students to learn and then graduate to another level. Although ages 3 and 4 are recommended for this class we place students in tennis classes according to their abilities not just age.
This class is the beginning if their “Lifetime tennis adventure” as they are encouraged in some of the simpler aspects of athletics.
We start with fun warm up challenges and end with striking the ball with the racquets at “cone mountain”. They go away with “challenges at home” with our patented “30 ball Sprouts challenge”.
These classes are built to cause our students to fall in love with:
#1. Athletics.
#2. The lifetime sport of tennis.
From this class they can graduate to Red Ball Tennis.

Which program is right for your child?
Read below and if you are unsure, you can contact our Pro Shop at 919-929-5248 for more assistance.

Red Ball

Our introduction level class to our 5, 6- and 7-year-olds; the goal is to help kids be independent self-practicing tennis players. All Red Ball classes are offered Monday - Thursday from 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM. Indoor during the winter session and Outdoors during the rest.

Is Red Ball right for your child?

Hello and welcome to our CHTC Junior Tennis Red Ball classes.
Classes are tailored to capture the hearts of our 5-7 year old's through simple, fun games and challenges that teach the basics of this “sport for a lifetime”. Taught on a 36’ court our students learn the art of controlling a ball with a racquet. Both hand and eye improvement challenges along with fun footwork challenges are encouraged with the goal of the class here, aside from fun, fun, fun being cooperative hitting and catching. All students in these classes are placed according to ability, not age, as they move in their abilities to be able to jump into out 60’ orange ball classes. These classes run for 1 hour after school. 
For those interested we also run a hit and catch and a hit and hit Red Ball tournament once a month.

Orange Ball

All Orange Ball classes run from Monday to Thursday, 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM

Indoor during the winter and Outdoor the rest of the year

Is Orange Ball the right fit?

Hello and welcome to our CHTC Orange Ball Tennis classes.
These 1 hour after school tennis classes are intended as a starting point for 7 and 8 year old's or a graduating class for our Red Ball Tennis graduates. After completing a few “benchmarks for graduation” our Red Ball students are encouraged to move up to our Orange Ball Tennis Class.
This class is taught on a 60’ court and is intended to teach how to control the ball using the racquet along with great footwork.
We start with easy warm ups and then jump into our patented “60 ball skills challenge”. 
This simple challenge can be practiced at home and has great reward when accomplished at class.
Then we jump to our groundstroke form work with our “dead ball form feeds”.
These next challenges include using the proper form and grips while we hit at “cone mountain”.
The end of this awesome hour is spent with hit and hit “rally” and preparing our hearts, bodies and minds to compete.
For those interested we also have beginning and intermediate Orange Ball Tennis tournaments once a month. 
The students that pass certain benchmarks or “age up” in Orange Ball are then encouraged to go into our Green Ball Tennis Class.

Is Green Ball the right fit?

Green Ball/Dot

4:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Ages 9 - 12 Indoors during Winter and Outdoors the rest of the year

Hello and welcome to our CHTC Green Ball Tennis classes.
These 1 hour after school tennis classes are intended as a starting point for all our 9-12 year olds or as a graduating class for our Orange Ball graduates.
This class is taught on a 78’ court and its intention is to teach proper form and footwork while learning to control the “green ball” with the racquet in a “rally” setting.
There is also a new focus on the overhand serve.
The purpose of the class, aside from falling madly in love with tennis, is for our graduates, who have now learned to play matches, to move on to either the 10 and under Yellow/Green class or the Varsity prep class. 
For those interested we also run a Green Ball Tournament every month.

Yellow - Green National

Hello and welcome to our Yellow/Green 10 and under Tennis class.
This class is intended as a starting point for those 10 and under students who are already competing in 78’ Green USTA or have been previously training on the yellow ball. It is also a graduating class for our Orange Ball Tennis graduates.
These 1.5 hour classes are intended to be a training ground for those 10 and under students who have their eyes on competing at higher and higher levels. This is the highest level of our ROG 10 and under River.
Graduates of this class should be skipping Varsity Prep class and going directly to our beginning academy class called “Break Point”.
For those interested we have a monthly 10 and under Yellow Ball tournament. And will be hosting some USTA orange ball and green ball events soon.


Ages 13 & Up
Monday - Friday 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Indoors for Winter and Outdoors for the rest of the year.

Hello and welcome to our Varsity Prep class.
This class is intended to be a starting point for teens 13 and up who would like to still investigate tennis as a Sport for Life and a graduating class for Green Ball Tennis students.
The focus of this class is “Tennis is the funnest sport in the world”.
We play and compete to cardio music and learn all things tennis. 
With some focussed effort students from this class can graduate to our starting academy level
“Break Point”. 
Some students in this class go on to play High School Varsity Tennis.
For those interested we have Varsity Prep Yellow Ball tournaments every month.

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ROGY Grand Prix (3).png

The Purpose of these events is to help all students, from Red to Yellow Ball to understand the art of competing in a tennis tournament. We understand that not all students are ready to take this step but then again many are. We leave the final decision, to compete or not, with the Parents as they will understand the emotional state of their children completely.


These events are intended for those students who are not playing on the varsity top 6 high school squad or for those students already ranked in the USTA in their perspective divisions. The Grand Prix tournament organizers have the right to deny any entry deemed to be to high a caliber for the other competitors. Entry may be denied or the student may be asked to move to a higher division.

These events are intended to measure the tennis aptitude of players over a six month span so all involved can measure the progress.


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David Archer - Director of Junior ROG Program
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