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Varsity Prep

Previously known as "High School Prep"

This class is offered to all 13-year-old and up students who have a desire to play competitive High School Tennis. The focus is more on Recreational fun. Students hone their skills using a variety of live ball challenges and softer fun competitive drills. The mood is light but real competition does occur. Students thriving in this environment can ask to be tested to move to our next level Yellow Ball Class or they may also choose to play in UTR events and get their UTR scores to 3.0 and join our Yellow Ball Academy. 


Yellow Ball Programs

Our more competitive programs

Baseline Juniors

This program is for junior ages 13-18 new to tournament tennis and those with limited tournament and match play experience.  This Program will focus on honing cooperative hitting skills so that players will be able to rally and play points in a competition format. 

Break Point Select

This program is for players ages 12-18 who have more experience playing tennis. Players in this program will have the opportunity to improve their skills with on-court skill-based learning and strategy drills. It is also a great opportunity for Varsity high school players trying out for their team. Greater focus on tournament preparation. 

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