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The Purpose of these events is to help all students, from Red to Yellow Ball to understand the art of competing in a tennis tournament. We understand that not all students are ready to take this step but then again many are. We leave the final decision, to compete or not, with the Parents as they will understand the emotional state of their children completely.


These events are intended for those students who are not playing on the varsity top 6 high school squad or for those students already ranked in the USTA in their perspective divisions. The Grand Prix tournament organizers have the right to deny any entry deemed to be to high a caliber for the other competitors. Entry may be denied or the student may be asked to move to a higher division.

These events are intended to measure the tennis aptitude of players over a six month span so all involved can measure the progress.



All tournaments will be round robin format.

The round robin format will always be adjusted for the number of participants involved.

When tournaments have limited draws it will be first come first serve. Registrations for tournaments are open from April 1st till the last tournaments in October.

Participants may play more than 1 division at a time as long as the Grand Prix organizers agree to the level they are playing. Members take precedent over nonmembers but once a student plays in one Grand Prix event they are guaranteed a place in future tournaments as long as they enter according to the proper time frame.


Nonmembers must become Registered Nonmembers before they can sign up for the Grand Prix events.

Event registration can happen online at or by calling 919.929.5248.


The tournament court use can be adjusted based on number of entries. Hard courts are preferred but not guaranteed. All events are considered the “Grand Prix Event” and awards will be given at each event (trophies and medals) with the Grand Champions being named at the end of October.


There will be an awards ceremony set for December 15th at 7PM in the indoor courts for all junior tennis activity during the year and the Grand Champions will be awarded then.



Participants will be awarded the following points for their participation.

20 Grand Prix points for simply competing.

30 extra Grand Prix points for taking 5th place (ties will split the possible points)

40 extra Grand Prix points for 4th place.

50 extra Grand Prix points for 3rd place.

75 extra Grand Prix points for 2nd place 

100 extra Grand Prix points for 1st place.

All points will be added and be cumulative as the Grand Prix event moves to its conclusion in October

ROGY Grand Prix (3).png


ROGY Grand Prix (3).png
ROGY Grand Prix (1).png
ROGY Grand Prix (3).png


Champions crowned at the end of all Grand Prix events in each division will be given their choice of a Yonex Tennis Racquet!

Red will win a Yonex 25” Graphite

Orange will win a Yonex 26” Graphite

Yellow 10 and under may choose 26” graphite or adult Yonex 

Green Ball will win a Yonex adult racquet

High School champion will win a Yonex adult racquet

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